Scholarship Prize Money

Scholarship Prize Money will be awarded for the following Championship divisions.
No awards will be available if less than 3 couples compete in a given category.

[etable]1st Place|$800.00
2nd Place|$500.00
3rd Place|$200.00
4th Place|$100.00
5th Place|$75.00
6th Place|$50.00[/etable]

[etable]1st Place|$200.00
2nd Place|$100.00
3rd Place|$75.00[/etable]

[etable]1st Place|$50[/etable]

Top Teacher Awards

Prize Money will be awarded to Top Teacher for both Pro-Am and Amateur categories.

[etable]1st Place|$300.00
2nd Place|$200.00
3rd Place|$100.00[/etable]

[etable]1st Place|(100+ entries)|$1,000.00
2nd Place|(80+ entries)|$800.00
3rd Place|(60+ entries)|$200.00
4th Place|(40+entries)|$100.00
5th Place|(20+ entries)|$75.00[/etable]